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We are Marex Solutions

At Marex Solutions we aim to deliver unprecedented customer service.

With our tech-led approach, we have brought together experienced market-leading talent to create the industry’s fastest growing specialist producer of tailored OTC derivatives and structured products.

Our aim is to manufacture these faster and more flexibly than our competitors, to provide clients with bespoke products that match their objectives.

To do this we have developed AGILE – a technology that radically improves the customisation of cross-asset products for Risk Managers and Investors.

Marex Solutions is a division of Marex specialising in the manufacture and distribution of customised derivative products on Equities, Commodities, Credit, FX, Funds, Fixed Income and Digital Assets. These products are distributed to customers through two specialist channels: Hedging Solutions and Financial Products.

Marex Hedging Solutions

  • Founded in 2017 to help corporations hedge their risk on the volatility of commodity and currency prices.

  • We use the power of the AGILE platform to design and create tailored Risk Management solutions for commodity importers/exporters, producers, processors, traders and consumers.

  • Because our OTC derivatives are bi-lateral contracts, the possibilities for innovation are almost unlimited.

While there are very few limits to the potential for tailored hedging, we have organised our hedging solutions into four primary categories: Participation; Protection; Price Improvement; and Range Extraction.

Marex Financial Products

Our entrepreneurial team enjoys problem-solving and supports customers on virtually any asset class.

  • Fully customisable, cross-asset product suite

  • Founded in September 2019, we have traded over $3bn notional of structured notes

  • Going live with a further $7.4bn notional of mini-futures

  • Manufactured 3000+ products on all asset classes.

AGILE enables us to tailor Structured Products to match their investment objectives, with virtually any underlying from Apple to Zinc.

We were the first to issue barrier autocallable notes on Bitcoin and Ethereum and the only issuer to offer a Cash and Carry trade on Bitcoin in note format.

Prior to that Marex Financial Products was the first in the world to transact a structured investment product via blockchain, completely outside the banking system.

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