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We offer our dairy customers a complete spectrum of hedging solutions, all powered by the AGILE platform: real-time pricing, portfolio analysis, scenario planning, direct communication with the trading team.

Dairy markets are extremely volatile, exaggerated by reductions in governmental support programmes and trade restrictions. Dairy prices are exposed to unpredictable drivers, such as weather, which can have a significant effect on market prices. Recent developments in the globalisation of the dairy industry have also created an opportunity for our clients to take advantage of regional price differentials. We work with our dairy clients in managing their exposure to that volatility as well as taking advantage of the new opportunities that this global marketplace presents.

Broad Coverage

Our dairy customers enjoy the ability to hedge a diverse universe of market risks:

• Class III Milk

• Class IV Milk

• Nonfat Dry Milk

• Butter

• Dry Whey

• Skim Milk Powder

• Anhydrous Milk Fat

• Cheese

We give you the ability to hedge your exposures to these markets and more. This broad market coverage, combined with the tools to effectively manage your portfolio, give you the ability to manage your hedging portfolio with complete predictability.

Smart Risk Management

Dairy markets face increasingly more complex and challenging risks: market volatility due to decreased regulation and trade restrictions, geopolitical risks, market volatility, climate awareness & currency exposure.

Our customers value our tailored risk management solutions in that they provide protection against these risks.

While this all results in a more predictable bottom line and improved profitability, what our clients value most is the flexibility we offer through our tailored hedging solutions.

Next Generation Hedging

We believe that as commodity markets become more complex and volatile, the tools required to effectively manage your risks will need to evolve at an increasing rate.

We offer you full access to the AGILE platform. AGILE gives you complete transparency of your hedging portfolio and how it will behave under various market conditions. This gives you visibility of exactly how effective your hedging activity is, and where you can optimise your hedging further.

Leveraging cutting edge technology allows us to deliver the powerful tools required to do this job effectively directly to you: anywhere, anytime.

We aim to deliver unprecedented customer service.

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