We offer our soft commodity customers a complete spectrum of hedging solutions, all powered by the AGILE platform: real-time pricing, portfolio analysis, scenario planning, direct communication with the trading team.

As we enter a new age where sugar markets are more strongly influenced by biofuels & agricultural markets in general are increasingly exposed to algorithmic trading, our clients value our ability to help them navigate this new challenge.

Broad Coverage

Our sugar, coffee & cocoa customers enjoy the ability to hedge a diverse universe of market risks:

•Raw Sugar

•White Sugar

•White Sugar Premium



•London Cocoa

•NY Cocoa


•Orange Juice

We give you the ability to hedge your exposures to these markets and more. This broad market coverage, combined with the tools to effectively manage your portfolio, give you the ability to manage your hedging portfolio with complete predictability.

Smart Risk Management

Agricultural markets face increasingly more complex and challenging risks: export challenges, geopolitical risks, market volatility, weather, currency exposure and many more.


Our customers value our tailored risk management solutions in that they provide protection against these risks.


While this all results in a more predictable bottom line and improved profitability, what our clients value most is the flexibility we offer through our tailored hedging solutions.

Next Generation Hedging

We believe that as commodity markets become more complex and volatile, the tools required to effectively manage your risks will need to evolve at an increasing rate.

We offer you full access to the AGILE platform. AGILE gives you complete transparency of your hedging portfolio and how it will behave under various market conditions. This gives you visibility of exactly how effective your hedging activity is, and where you can optimise your hedging further.

Leveraging cutting edge technology allows us to deliver the powerful tools required to do this job effectively directly to you: anywhere, anytime.

Service. Flexibility. Transparency.


AGILE is a full-service platform for managing your commodity hedging portfolio with Marex Solutions. Built using cutting edge technology, and delivered to you as part of our comprehensive hedging solutions offering.

As a specialist manufacturer and service provider of tailored risk management solutions, our technology platform ensures clients and partners enjoy full transparency and control throughout the hedging life-cycle.


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The AGILE platform gives you a powerful set of tools to manage your hedging life-cycle.


Explore and price new trade ideas in real-time. Execute at your desired level. Monitor your hedging portfolio and perform complex scenario analysis on your portfolio.


Save time on your hedging activity.


By having everything you need to manage your hedging portfolio in one place allows you to react as quickly as possible, with full knowledge of how your portfolio will perform.

Manage your hedging life-cycle, from pricing to analysis to a full transaction history, all in one platform.


We believe that as the industry matures clients will come to expect full transparency on their hedging portfolio.

We deliver on this belief by giving you complete visibility of how your portfolio will evolve under various market conditions. 

AGILE gives you total transparency on your hedge effectiveness by putting you in control of your analysis.


a suite of products to build your ideal hedge portfolio


While there are very few limits to the potential for tailored hedging, we have organised our hedging solutions into four primary categories for better clarity and understanding.


Participate one-to-one in the underlying market in the underlying contract currency or your local currency.

Typical Participation tools:


•Vanilla Swaps

•Composite Swaps


•Smart Swaps


•Average Rate Swaps


Effective mitigation against adverse or unexpected market moves, which could otherwise damage the business. 
Tailored options can be cheaper than listed equivalents without losing the protection required.

Typical Protection tools:


•Vanilla Options

•Composite Options

•FX Options

•Digital Options

•Barrier Options

•Smart Options

•Asian Options

•Early Expiry Options

Price Improvement

Achieve a significantly better purchase or sale price compared to the market price, in exchange for less certainty in volume executed.

Typical Price Improvement tools:


•Composite Accumulators

•Spread Accumulators

•Smart Accumulators


•Funded Swaps

•Funded Options

•Funded Accumulators

Range Extraction

Extract value from range-bound markets, such as refineries looking to widen processing spreads.
These can be tailored to give more appropriate risk profiles than listed alternatives.

Typical Range Extraction tools:

•Range Accruals

•Pivot Accumulators

•Cash Accruals

We provide the products to effectively manage your commodity price risk, as well as the tools to proactively monitor the hedge effectiveness of your portfolio.

Service. Flexibility. Transparency.